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Kejia Group the Suzhou Industrial Park Kejia Automation Co., Ltd. Located in old times, rapid economic development, good investment environment in the Yangtze River Delta. At the beginning of the venture, the company insisted on the active introduction of advanced U.S. technology, rapid domestic product, brand and take the road of development in the industry successfully launched a KEJIA - " Kejia IPC " this outstanding brand.

Our Products

DZ-46 Small intermediate relay

DZ-46 small intermediate relay is mainly used in various protection and automatic control devices, the number of contacts and contact capacity of the protection and control loop.

DZ-03.04 Small intermediate relay

DZ-03, 04 small intermediate relays are mainly used in various protection and automatic control devices, protection and control circuit of the number of contacts and contact capacity.

JZFZ-5000 Circuit breaker operation loop monitoring relay

The JZFZ-5000 circuit breaker operating circuit monitoring relay can realize the whole process monitoring of the circuit breaker switching (switching) circuit, including all kinds of working conditions, when the circuit breaker fault occurs in the operating circuit, alarm signals are issued and the operation is blocked.

JDP-5000 Two position relay

JDP-5000 Dual Position Relay is mainly suitable for all kinds of protective devices. It has magnetic holding function to realize mechanical locking and position prompting.

KEJIA Project

Companies from the United States CENTRY TECH mine company to introduce the latest U.S.

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Service Center

In order to perfect after sale service system, to meet the needs of customers, the company implemented the following commitment to the sale of products

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Requirements: 1, honest, strong sense of responsibility, a quick mind, good psychological quality, dynamic. 2, under 30 years of age

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