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Kejia Group the Suzhou Industrial Park Kejia Automation Co., Ltd. Located in old times, rapid economic development, good investment environment in the Yangtze River Delta. At the beginning of the venture, the company insisted on the active introduction of advanced U.S. technology, rapid domestic product, brand and take the road of development in the industry successfully launched a KEJIA - " Kejia IPC " this outstanding brand.

Our Products

KDY-100F/760/3P power supply lightning protection device

KEJIA® KDY-100F power surge protector has a large flow capacity and is a Class 1 power surge protector. According to the principle of lightning protection, once the lightning energy is released by one time, there is still a high residual voltage on the power line. It should be matched with the lightning protection device at the rear stage of the lightning protection system so that lightning energy can be released step by step to effectively protect the terminal power supply. equipment.

KEJIA intelligent power distributor

The intelligent power divider is a very effective and practical monitor for remote power supply in the machine room. It also has the function of the extension line. So that managers can automatically grasp the power consumption from remote network, such as factory computer room, automatic control platform, server, router and other key equipment power supply.

New household lithium battery energy storage system

Household lithium battery energy storage systems absorb solar energy through solar panels and convert it into electrical energy. They can be turned on during periods of peak power usage and outages. This system relies on solar energy systems to reduce electricity bills and environmental protection.

KHB Series SPD Backup Protector

KHB series SPD backup protector has a variety of specifications according to the lightning protection level and the surge protector (power SPD, SPD). T1 products can withstand the impact of 10/350μs waveform lightning current, T2 grade products are suitable for With 8/20μs waveform power supply lightning protection device, customers can choose to use according to the requirements of lightning protection system design.
KHB series SPD backup protectors are designed with reasonable performance, and the volume conforms to the standard spacing of a protection module. It is very convenient to install and use.

KDY-I-25RX/440/4P power supply lightning protection device

KEJIA® KDY-I-25RX power supply lightning arrester is a combination of power supply lightning protection and lightning protection detection communication. When the failure of the power supply lightning protection module fails, the remote contact of the lightning protection module is dislocated. This contact connects to the NKP-LJ-04 SPD communication module. The failure of the collected lightning protection module can be recorded, and records can be recorded and managed in the background. The machine sends a signal. The NKP-LJ-04 SPD communication module can also record the number of times the lightning protection module is subjected to lightning surge discharge. The NKP-LJ-04 SPD communication module is controlled by a single-chip computer circuit, uses a high-brightness LED digital tube display, and has an RS485 communication interface. The parameters of the lightning protection module’s fault and discharge actions can be queried by the remote power integrated management system.

1SM65-63 small DC circuit breaker

1SM65-63 small DC circuit breaker for DC line control, overload and short circuit protection. And can be used for communications, telephone, locomotive, forklifts, forklifts, electric power, automation control, electrolytic control, security lighting and other industries. Products meet GB14048.2 standards.

1SM65 series of small circuit breakers

1SM65 series of small circuit breakers comply with GB10963.1 IEC60898-1,With a single pole + neutral pole, unipolar, bipolar, triode and quadrupole, the current range6A-63A, the maximum short-circuit breaking capacity of 10kA, suitable for distribution circuit short circuit, overload protection and line of infrequent conversion.

1 S M 6 5 DC series of small DC circuit breakers meet G B 1 4 0 4 8IEC60947-2 has a single pole and two poles, rated current range of 6A-63A, the maximum short-circuit breaking capacity of 10kA, suitable for DC distribution circuit short circuit, overload protection and line of infrequent conversion.

1SW45 series Intelligent universal circuit breaker

1SW45 series of intelligent universal circuit breaker, absorbing the advantages of a variety of intelligent circuit breakers at home and abroad, with a compact, small size, high reliability, short breaking time, no arcing distance and other characteristics, the distribution of intelligent controller in addition to With a variety of protection features, but also has ammeter, voltmeter, power factor table, fault detection, self-diagnosis and other auxiliary functions. Can be attached to the communication interface, to achieve long-distance “four remote” function. Products in line with IEC60947-2, GB14048.2 standards, the main technical indicators to achieve the advanced level of similar foreign products.

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