SJD-250 (2)

250A DC contactor

SJD-250 DC contactor



The scope of products:
1. it is used for the driving and controlling system of mining equipment and mechanical vehicles.
2. it is used for power control and circuit insulation of industrial machinery.
3. for DC switch equipment.
4. for battery distribution and backup.
5. for the charging of hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles

The characteristics of the product:
1. reliable sealing makes the product used in bad and explosion-proof environment for a long time, and its coil, contact and other internal components are not oxidized.
At the same time, the product has the advantages of low energy consumption, little heating, long life, small volume, light weight and so on.
2. control high voltage and large current
3. energy saving
Some specifications of the products are used for energy saving.
4. smaller arcs are more effective and safer when the product is used
Using an inert gas seal, the product has no arc between the contacts when the product moves, and the magnetic blow out arc is used.
All is guaranteed.
5. high stability
The internal mechanism and structure are completely sealed in the inert gas and are not disturbed by external factors, and the contact resistance is stable for a long time.
6. a wide range of applications
The use includes: DC power control, battery switch control, circuit safety protection and so on.

Coil parameters

Rated working voltage (Us)


Working voltage range (20℃ )


Absorption voltage (20℃ )


Release voltage (20℃ )


Coil power(20℃ )

1.7W (Maintain)

Coil polarity


Main contact parameters

Maximum continuous overcurrent (External connecting wire cross-sectional area 60mm²min)


Contact Voltage


Rated control capacity

250A 450VDC

Short-term tolerance of current

350A 900S

450A 200S

 Contact Suction Time

25ms  max

Contact release Time

10ms  max

Maximum split power flow (more than 1 times)

2000A 350V

Contact Form

A group of often open

Contact polarity

Polar or infinity

Contact resistance


Auxiliary contact parameters

contact form

A group of often open

Contact resistance

15mΩ max

Maximum load

2A  30VDC ; 3A  125VAC


Mechanical life


Electrical life (L/R ≤1ms)


Dielectric property parameters

Contact between points

3500V AC/ 60 Sec/1mA

Between Contacts and coils

2500V AC/ 60 Sec/1mA

Mechanical properties


20G Peak, 11ms 1/2 sine wave (coil electrified)


20G Peak, 80~2,000hz, sine wave

Usage environment

Ambient temperature



5%~85% RH.



weight:           432g

Matters needing attention:
1. when installing the contactor, the washer should be used to prevent the screw from loosening.
2. the products with the polarity should be connected according to the marking on the end of the product. The position of the non polar products is not required.
3. do not install this product in a strong magnetic field (near a transformer or magnet) or close to a thermal radiation source.
4. this product has its own electrical life, do not use in excess of its switching capacity and life parameters.
5. ensure the use of the environment temperature in the range of -40~+85 C, high temperature is easy to accelerate the diffusion of internal inert gas, avoid storage.
Use the product in a high temperature environment.
When 6. resistance load is used, it is used in accordance with the rated parameters of the main contact. If the connection of the inductive load (L load) is L/R > 1ms, this sense should be used.
A shunt surge current protection device with a parallel load.
When 7. wiring is installed, attention should be paid to ensuring the cleanliness of the main elicited end and connection head, and tighten to avoid excessive heating at the lead end connection.



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